MacOS debugging

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MacOS debugging

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Has anyone run mmex under the debugger. If so how did you manage it.

I have tries two ways.

1) Generate Xcode from cmake. (there is a problem with cppunit but this can be ignored for now)
Build the mmex target in Xcode

2) Generate Unix makefiles under CLion IDE and try to debug from there in the ide

In both cases the program does not run properly as it cannot find
a) the translations
b)' (error 2: No such file or directory)
and no doubt other files

Looking at the build I think this is because the resource files are added as part of the install and not as part of the build as macOS/OSX expects.

Googling suggest that cmake doies not deal with this well - comments like writing a script to deal with this etc.

I have not tried to debug Cmake files before today but I think if the po and src builds were in the same scope then add_target_command(${MMEX_APP} .......
could be used.

Any other suggestions?
Re: MacOS debugging

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