Repeating Transactions Dialog

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Repeating Transactions Dialog

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In making some changes for r776, I had an idea. Currently in the repeating transactions dialog, all the code for the transaction information in payeedialog is duplicated in billsdepositsdialog. What if we split the bd dialog into two windows, one for what is currently the top part (ie Account, frequency, next occurence and times repeated). When the user clicks OK, it pulls up the transactions dialog where the category, amount etc are entered. When the user "Enters next occurence", only the transaction part of the dialog would be shown, and not the repeating part. Currently when "enter next occurence" is clicked, the user can't any of the top part anyway. This would help us to keep the code simpler and any changes made to the transaction dialog would also be reflected in the bd dialog.

Does anyone object to this? Just wanted to make sure before I started working...
Re: Repeating Transactions Dialog

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Sounds good to me.
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