Version 1.3.4 win 64 exe

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Version 1.3.4 win 64 exe

Post by alas »

Re latest version, as above. Once loaded I have gone into Options and then View. I have selected Transaction Visible as View Current Month. However, it shows all transactions. Even when I select View Current Month in the account I have opened, it still shows All Transactions! So I have gone back to the previous version, which works but every time I open the program I get a screen telling me there is a new version. This is so, so frustrating.
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Re: Version 1.3.4 win 64 exe

Post by Nikolay »

The bug has been registered ... ssues/2429
If 'View current month' selected for some account in next time you view it - mmex remember this setting.
IMHO this parameter is outdated (redundant) and useless. I'll remove it.
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