Docker container version?

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Docker container version?

Post by adamchap »

Hi all,

As the Android version is essentially depricated and not maintained, I've been looking for a sensible way to be able to work my finances on the move, not necessarily when I have my own laptop with me.

As I've got a Synology DS220+ NAS and a static IP at home, it would make sense for me to host MMex on my NAS and I can access it from any web browser, be that on a phone, a laptop or anything.

I've found what looked like a really old Docker container version of MMex (2018) but even that doesn't appear to be able to be pulled. What is the status of a suitable image and where?

Alternatively, is there a linuxserver version that would work in Docker/Portainer instead?
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Re: Docker container version?

Post by Renato »

regards Renato use MMEX since 2009, now with Windows 11
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Re: Docker container version?

Post by MartinArmstrong »

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