Docker container version?

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Docker container version?

Post by adamchap »

Hi all,

As the Android version is essentially depricated and not maintained, I've been looking for a sensible way to be able to work my finances on the move, not necessarily when I have my own laptop with me.

As I've got a Synology DS220+ NAS and a static IP at home, it would make sense for me to host MMex on my NAS and I can access it from any web browser, be that on a phone, a laptop or anything.

I've found what looked like a really old Docker container version of MMex (2018) but even that doesn't appear to be able to be pulled. What is the status of a suitable image and where?

Alternatively, is there a linuxserver version that would work in Docker/Portainer instead?
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Re: Docker container version?

Post by Renato »

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Re: Docker container version?

Post by MartinArmstrong »

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Re: Docker container version?

Post by Trauco »

I posted my interest on the site several times, but never received a response. It seems to me that the project has died.
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Re: Docker container version?

Post by nstein »

@adamchap The site you referenced runs the MMEX WebApp and is geared towards users who don't have the means to host it themselves. Since you have the means to host it you can easily run MMEX Web in a Docker container. I do this on my own server (although I use Podman instead of Docker). I don't know of any pre-built images, so I just build my own. Basic steps are:

Code: Select all

# Download current version (1.2.2)
curl -L -O
# Extract
tar -xf v1.2.2.tar.gz
# Rename (to keep updates simple)
mv web-money-manager-ex-1.2.2/ mmex-web
# Bulid the image
docker build -t mmex-web:latest mmex-web
# Run. Note the README doesn't mention the volume mount, but I found it was necessary for my config to persist.
docker run --name mmex-web -p 8080:80 --restart unless-stopped -v ./mmex-web/WebApp/:/var/www/html/ -d mmex-web:latest
The MMEX WebApp is then accessible at http://<YOUR_NAS_IP>:8080 (or whatever port you specified in the run command) and you can either access it on your LAN externally via WireGuard or set up a reverse proxy from your domain.

On initial setup you will get a GUID. Copy that and paste it in the MMEX desktop app under Tools->Options->Network->WebApp Settings->GUID and also fill in the URL/IP Address where your WebApp instance can be reached.

Let me know if you run into any roadblocks.
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