How to I track auto and mortgage loans?

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Re: How to I track auto and mortgage loans?

Post by Nikolay »

Unfortunately this functionality does not changed in 1.3.5
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Re: How to I track auto and mortgage loans?

Post by vipinborole »

Hello Team,

I have been using Acemoney for the last 12 years, but am now evaluating MMEX.
It seems to be a good alternative and I am loving it

I have a home loan . Can you please inform me how it can be done in MMEX.

I went through the thread viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6019 but I am not able to understand.

It will be good if the tutorial is uploaded on MMEX official youtube channel
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Re: How to I track auto and mortgage loans?

Post by goodhour »

stef145g wrote: Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:38 am

Bank Accounts

Term Account
Auto Loan

What are the payees?

The Bank - Gives us the loan and gives us interest payments. We also need to make payments to the bank

This now allows us to create categories in order to track this. Categories:
Auto : Purchase
Auto : Bank Loan
Auto : Loan Interest
Auto : Loan Repayment 

Assuming loan amount for $10,000 with repayment $500 per month, interest at $100 per month.

Account Term: Auto Loan - Deposit $10,000 Payee=Bank, category=Auto: Bank Loan

Bank Interest: Transactions: Term: Auto Loan - Deposit $100 Payee=Bank, category=Auto: Loan Interest
Repayments: Transactions:  Term: Auto Loan - Withdrawal $500 Payee=Bank, category=Auto: Loan Repayment

Money comes into regular accounts.

Sorry to revive this old post, but I can't understand how loans/mortgages work.
Following stef145g's suggestions, I find myself with the same issue illustrated above by user Alexex.

Is it not possible to include a tutorial to better manage Loans or Mortgages? Or possibly as suggested post a video on the youtube page?
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Re: How to I track auto and mortgage loans?

Post by frankieorabona »

Very interesting post.

I also have problems understanding loan management (but not only,mortgages, bond management). Unfortunately it is a pity that for such a widely used MMEX there are few guides even from the users themselves (and not necessarily of the online help).

Currently I no longer use the option of keeping an account for loans (TERM ACCOUNT), partly because I happened a couple of times to partially pay off loans, and I could no longer figure out how to realign the remaining principal with the new repayment schedule.
I simply use a category PERSONAL LOAN or MORTGAGE, from which I withdraw the installment from my account . STOP. That's the only way to manage and keep track of installment expenses (maybe you could also break the category down with two expenses CAPITAL REPAYMENT and INTEREST LIABILITIES to be more accurate).
I really hope that someday the functionality for loans/mortgages will be implemented. Something is planned for version 1.7.3.
A request for new functionality is open here: ... ssues/3860
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