Docker container version?

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Re: Docker container version?

Post by adamchap »

Yep - I can see that now, I didn't see anything previously to say that the Android version was back from the dead - so this should do it for me for now; though having a full version running via Docker so that anyone with a Synology, QNAP, etc NAS could run things totally securely on self-hosted storage without any sync issues would also be immense.
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Re: Docker container version?

Post by nstein »

adamchap wrote: Thu Dec 14, 2023 4:25 pm It's because of the lack of Android port that I'm looking/asking how to get a 'full/proper' version of MMex hosted via Docker on a NAS. At least that way I can access remotely and securely from a laptop or a browser on my phone if necessary. It would save a LOT of development and would mean literally anyone could access the full desktop experience not just the web based 'sync it later' approach which I don't want.
Sorry, I misunderstood your end goal. The web app is not a 'full' version of MMEX, it is just a frontend to enter transactions which are temporarily held in a server-side SQL database until imported into the desktop version of MMEX. The closest thing to a 'full' version run in Docker would be to set up a container with a minimal Linux distro that runs the Flatpak version.
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