Tracking INvestments

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Tracking INvestments

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I have introduced myself elesehwere, I am a novice in pretty much everything related to money management, With the help of MMEX I am getting my personal finances back on track.

So I saved £100 and made a modest investment in some kind of Bit coin. Right now it is at £105 and it went as high as £108 at some point. I tried using the options to point it to a URL that has the Bitcoin prices in it, but it keeps downloading rates from a real stocks ansd share page, somewhere, which coincidentally has a share with the same symbol as the bitcoin and updating the rates automatically, so my investment shows as £20 instead of £105.

Is there a URL I can use to just download the bitcoin prices?
I know with £100 it is no big deal, I can just treat it as an expense and forget it for the time being. But I just want to know enough of MMEX capability, in case I am able to invest more diversified in the future.
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Re: Tracking INvestments

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