1.5.10 is released

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1.5.10 is released

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https://github.com/moneymanagerex/money ... x/releases

#3967 Warning sound
#3926 Stock report crashes
#3988 Autocomplete of "Account" not working on MacOS
#3995 Creating Recurring Transactions with all data from existing entry (include notes field)
#3996 When Re-allocating an Existing Payee the search bar is stuck on one character
#4002 No Automatic Scroll to Bottom After Creating Duplicate Transaction
#3598 Custom fields
#2334 Yahoo exchange rates issue
#4020 Currency exchange rates - currency values history
#4019 Currency exchange rates saving


#3283 Display of the bookings
#3829 Where the Money Goes > view Details of Transactions
#3945 Transaction Report to include specification of "Period" in addition to date range
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