v1.5.17 is released

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v1.5.17 is released

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v1.5.17 Latest

https://github.com/moneymanagerex/money ... x/releases

#2704 Add Account Wizard mentions Savings in the text, but it it not one of the Type choices
#3960 Windows version is not displayed correctly
#4371 Category sort is incorrect with French characters
#4710 Transferring between two accounts with same currency get converted into base currency using reverse forex
#4711 Font now too large
#4712 Streamlining the Split Transaction dialog enhancement
#4714 Add new subcategory
#4716 Sum operation in the Amount field is not performed with new 1.5.16
#4736 Filter is broken after account switching
#4745 Export & Import CSV File Invalid Date Error
#4749 Relocate Dialogs find entries when nothing specified
#4757 Unable to edit category for transaction in closed account
#4763 Budget Setup - Text field too small
#4772 Layout and behaviour of Recurring Transaction dialog is not consistent with Single Transaction dialog
#4778 App crashes when adding new share transaction
#4785 Crash when switching transaction type
#4786 macOS: Crash When Changing HTML Scale Factor
#4787 Behaviour of Recurring Transaction dialog not consistent with Single Transaction dialog - Amount Field Clearing
#4796 Saved presets in Transaction Filter and saved column formats duplicate
#4804 Colour is displayed as Color on field labels when language is set to English (United Kingdom)
#4813 Multi-transaction update of Payee Name causes "Payee Error"

#3139 macOS - No Drop Down Calendar When Entering Transactions Dates
#4708 Create mmDatePickerCtrl
#4717 Inconsistent behaviour when pressing Enter in transaction category field enhancement
#4748 Delete source category after relocation
#4754 wxScrolledWindow for options dialog enhancement
#4759 wxWidgets 3.2.0
#4768 Transaction Report: void status amount
#4779 Default category for transfers
#4789 Report Category including all sub-categories
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