v1.5.20 is released

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v1.5.20 is released

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https://github.com/moneymanagerex/money ... ag/v1.5.20

#4868 Integer and Decimal custom fields are treated like Strings in the Account view
#4946 Optimize/Fix use of mmTextCtrl in dialogs using this control for numbers
#4950 Problem entering decimal numbers
#4951 Reference number format
#4955 Integer Custom Field - erroneous behaviour
#4978 Spurious column sort-order indicator shown when double clicking on Stock Portfolio
#4982 Advanced Filter not saving new 'Date Range' value
#4999 Boolean custom field misalignment
#5000 Saved Transaction Reports don't work in Linux
#5003 Date custom field focus and update issues
#5005 Split Transaction Dialog grows too big
#5012 "Split Transaction" not displayed in category field on Linux
#5019 Display 'Split Summary' infotip sometimes not displayed

#4971 Transaction report - add feature to group by "type"
#4987 Boolean and Date custom field improvements
#5016 Place focus in the Search field when Organize Categories dialog is opened
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