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Hosted WebApp

Post by whall3y »

Have you always thought about investigating the Web App but never got around to deploying the server element yourself either due to lack of skills or time? Then why not have a look here:

It's in trial at present, but feel free to register interest. It could prove a good alternative now that the Android application is no longer usable with the latest version of MMEX.
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Re: Hosted WebApp

Post by Trauco »

I am a user from Germany. I have been using the desktop version of MMEX for several years.
I would like to use the Hosted WebApp.
I have tried to sign up to use it several times in the last few weeks and have expressed my interest several times. Unfortunately, I have not received any response. Is this offer still supported or has it been discontinued ?
With kind regards
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Re: Hosted WebApp

Post by Wirmike »

I have been a keen user of MMEX since June 2008 and have come to hope for some sort of mobile version, especially when away from home, say, on holiday.
The oft called-for iOS version seems as far off as ever it was. In the meantime I have been using a small, low-cost app - nicely designed GUI, stable and okay at capturing receipts, money-card credits, notes et al: but transactions still need the ‘chore’ of exporting and importing to and adjusting for MMEX, when back home.
The structure seems as secure as it could be, keeping only the recent transactions on the device: with access using a GUID, being via https//: and a fervent use of VPN, inspiring confidence. The interface looks okay as well!
Accordingly, I have recently sent e-mails to ‘‘ as suggested.
They were sent 2-3 days ago. I await a response.
It would be a shame if the scheme that @Trauco and I have expressed interest in never got off the ground - we would like some guidance on that.
But in the meantime, I and no doubt, @Trauco wait w/- anticipation and hope.
I cannot state how marvellously useful and neat a facility that this would be.
I don’t have the time and currently, the skill, to configure an old laptop as a server - leaving it running 24/7, if that is what it takes.
In the meantime, I’ll report back in a heart-beat if I hear back and have signed up and logged in on to a trial.
Kind regards.
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