v1.6.1 is released

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v1.6.1 is released

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https://github.com/moneymanagerex/money ... tag/v1.6.1

NOTE: Your database will be updated once you run this version. You will then not be able to open your database with earlier versions of the software or run Android versions with the same database. As ever, it is recommended to take a copy of your database prior to installing any new software version.

#5197 Account Summary reports do not include asset values
#5211 Toolbar buttons are erroneously greyed out when opening an existing database via App Start dialog
#5244 Recurring Transaction Check Fix
#5250 Add split button deletes the previous values
#5254 The text for translation is fragmented
#5273 Total not updating correctly on split transactions view
#5281 Recurring Transactions - Remove filtering
#5290 New transaction - Incorrect minimum balance check
#5292 Transaction Report does not show split transaction notes
#5298 User confusion regarding Deleted Transactions node in Navigation tree
#5299 Transaction Report node in Navigation tree is not highlighted when corresponding report is displayed
#5310 Home Page Assets Widget collapse state not saved
#5320 Notes disappear when clicking "Cancel" in Split Transactions window
#5324 Crash when creating a share transaction with a date older than opening date of the account
#5331 Slow refresh when add split rows
#5339 Beta build crashes on asset deletion

#2963 Added a Deleted/Trash transaction feature
#5234 Quick category entry using ":" to autocomplete (Windows only)
#5251 Now shows notes of split transactions in account view
#5259 Hide/Unhide of Custom Reports
#5276 Split transaction notes now displayed in the information panel
#5292 Transaction Report now shows split transaction notes
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