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Payee categorization

Post by lejunair »

Hello - In the organize payee section, is there a wildcard rule that will allow automatic assignment of category? e.g,

instead of separately categorizing them as dining, anyways I can say Doordash* and assign a category, so that all such occurrence will be mapped to Dining?

I was trying to multi-select these payees, but it does not allow multiselect. Categorizing one by one is rather time consuming.
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Re: Payee categorization

Post by mikhailo2608ilaol »

MMEX support for automatic categorization of transactions whose payees have similar names has been desired for years. ... ssues/1789 ... issues/396

The two requests above detail what the ultimate solution is likely to look like. This request for enhancement has obviously not yet reached the top of the development queue but it is still in the queue so there is hope.
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