Overall Credit on Split Transactions (Error?)

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Overall Credit on Split Transactions (Error?)

Post by Wirmike »

Today I needed to exchange a purchase mistake for a cheaper item.

I entered the Purchase as a split transaction 2.70
I entered the Refund as a split transaction -5.20

The Split Transaction window showed the correct result, being -2.50, a £2.50 Credit (Deposit).
However, Okaying the window resulted in an Error - it was not possible to return to the main transaction window.
I would have expected the Transaction window to be re-set (changed) to ‘Deposit’, reflecting the negative balance as shown in the Split Transactions window.

(To test the software,I tried making the Refund the same absolute value of the purchase (ie. -2.70).
The result was of course, £0.00, and Okaying resulted in returning to the Main Transaction window, as expected, the Amount field showing £0.00.)

My workaround could be one of the following:
1: make the Transaction purely a Deposit of £2.50 w/- a category of Refund, or…
2: make two separate Transactions, w/- respective Withdrawal and Deposit categories…
..adding narratives in each Remarks as appropriate.

Workaround Issues:
1: I would lose visibility on the Purchase (Withdrawal) category,
2: somewhat long-winded, especially in reconciliation.

It could be that split categories are supposed to work this way, in which case maybe I could raise a ‘Feature Request’.
Else, perhaps I have ‘stumbled’ on a glitch.

Hope this is of some help.
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