Debits before credits

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Debits before credits

Post by scgf »

Today my regular payments for the month are auto entered in MMEX and then I manually enter my earnings. What happens is that MMEX shows a debit balance for all these regular payments and the earnings credit only shows after all these debits. Is there any way credits can always show before debits on any day? Currently it looks like I have had a negative balance for the best part of the day. As a workaround I enter the date of the credit for the previous day, but I'd rather not. Is there a setting somewhere for 'credit before debit'?
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Re: Debits before credits

Post by MartinArmstrong »

By default (or if you click on the Date column header to reset the order) MMEX sorts by Date and then by ID (on that date). The ID increments for each new transaction that you enter, which is why your manual entry of earnings is shown last.

But why do you care what the balance is throughout the day? Only the end of day balance matters.

If you look at the corresponding transactions on your bank account statement, what balance is shown after each individual transaction? Does it go negative on the day in question?

If it doesn't go negative, then that suggests that your earnings are actually being credited to the bank account ahead of the regular payments being being made. You need to replicate this in MMEX. One way is to manually enter your earnings dated for the day in question but to actually make that entry on the day before the auto entered payments. The credit will then get the lower ID and be sorted first.
Is there a setting somewhere for 'credit before debit'?
No. And it wouldn't make sense to have such a setting.
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