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In my search for a new budget programme, I came across MoneyManagerEx today and so far I am very enthusiastic about it. The only thing I'm missing at the moment is a report that tells me the current state of the budget for all categories. I save money over several months, I may have expenses in between, but the pot itself remains.

Here is the whole thing explained with an example:
Development of category A:
- Budget January 2022: +100 EUR
- Expenditure January 2022: -10 EUR
- Budget February 2022: +100 EUR
- Expenditure February 2022: -50 EUR
- Budget March 2022: +100 EUR
- Expenditure March 2022: -25 EUR
=> Balance at the end of March 2022 = 215 EUR

Report at the end of March 2022:
Category A: 215 EUR

I hope it became clear what I need. I'm German and writing this post with the help of deepl, so it may be that I haven't found a thread in which my problem has already been solved - then feel free to post the link 😊

Thank you very much for your support!
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