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Re: Tax summary report

Post by dbolton »

The Tax Summary is now ready for others to use (see attached).

A few issues:
  • The report doesn't know where attachments are saved without you editing line 2 of the SQL (line 2). There didn't seem to be a built-in way to access this folder. I tried "file://%DATABASE%/..." (from Settings > Attachments) and "attachment:Transaction|2308" (used in the Transaction Report for attachment links) and "./" (which would give you the current directory on the web).
  • The report can show image attachments but can't open non-image attachments. Any PNG or JPEG attachments show on hover, but if you click on the link to a PDF or Word document nothing happens. This seems to be a limitation of the HTML viewer in Money Manager Ex.
  • User needs to customize the list of tax-related categories and subcategories in the SQL (lines 56-57). I added a few tax-related categories/subcategories from the default list. Obviously, if you added custom categories you might need to add them here. I'm open to ideas on making this simpler for the user. Quicken had a built in "tax-related" checkbox you could select when you created a category or subcategory. That might be a nice addition for future versions of Money Manager Ex.
I'm interested in better ways to work around any of these issues.
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