Dear All,

I have fully translated the MMEX PO file to raditional Translation for Taiwanese.

software: Money Manager Ex
zh_tw translated date : 20100609

where to put file for Money Manager Ex\
example : D:\mmex0951\en

I also attached the po file which can use text editor or translator soft (eg. poedit)to open and edit.
<<<<==== Breaking Line ====>>>>

For Chinese users / 給中文使用者

software / 軟體版本: Money Manager Ex
zh_tw translated date / 台灣中文檔案翻譯日期 : 20100609

Money Manager Ex\ : 已編譯過台灣中文語系檔案, 拷貝至 MMEX 對應目錄
範例: D:\mmex0951\en

附加 PO 檔案為翻譯用檔, 可用文字編輯器或是翻譯軟體 (poedit 或是 QT Linguist) 開啟並翻譯; 版本已為最新的英文原始檔.

有些用語, 保留原始英文
原始英文字串: View UnReconciled
中文翻譯: 檢視未一致化 (UnReconciled)

Poedit 顯示: 已翻譯100%, 計 857 個字串, 0 個模糊翻譯, 0 個未翻譯.
mmex ver.0951 2010/06/09 Cht translation by Barlos
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