Newbie needs support :)

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Newbie needs support :)

Post by Elwen »

Hi Everyone,

I am learning how to use MMex fully at the moment! I've used some functions like the year budget for about 3 years, but am still trying to figure out how to use more of the program. Would you like to help me?
Some are technical questions, some 'how to'. So here we go... I've started in linux 1.1.0 and just updated to 1.2.6.  
1) There is an error message saying SUBCATEGORY V1: 71 not found - 87 not found)
I think it is a result of me deleting two subcategories from the budget of 2016 because they are not in use anymore. But they still are in earlier budgets.  Is there any way to solve it? Is it really true that you can only add categories and not delete them? I am afraid I'd end up with a long list that is hard to navigate through :( To prevent mistakes that cause problems every time I could really do with an 'undo' button'! As a newbie I often do things without knowing that it's not working, but there is no way of recovering, unless opening a backup file right away (just discovered the automatic backup function). Being able to use 'undo' to go back a few steps would be wonderful! 

2) How can I add amounts of money to another account and put it into different categories, preferably without influencing the income of the primary checking account? I can't 'initial amount' here because I didn't figure out a way to add the money a category of split it into many categories.
3) In 'assets' there is an option to state how the amount is depreciating. The calculation behind that seems a bit off. For example if something costs 500 and it depreciates in 5 years, I put 20. The programm makes it 20.000. And the programm seems to take 20% off last years amount (never getting to 0) while it should take off 100 a year. Did I make a mistake somewhere?

I hope you have some ideas for me! :)
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Re: Newbie needs support :)

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