Budget Problems

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Budget Problems

Post by sandie »

1. Budget Setup "Frequency" is not doing a correct calculation for "Quarterly". It appears to be using 3 instead of the correct value of 4. I have not tested all of them.

2. Budget Performance Report shows some "Actual" Category expenses as negative "black" numbers and some as negative "red" numbers. Looks odd. I much prefer "red" negatives.

3. Some other reports show negatives in "red". The Category reports show the negatives in "black".

4. Account View: View selection dropdown box should remain "sticky" as you switch accounts so as not to have to select again on each account. The dropdown box has a lot of selections but most of them fail to display "future" transactions.

5. Options: Transaction View Options should have the same selections as the Account View dropdown box. At the present time "All Transactions" is the only choice if you wish to always display "future" transactions. The "sticky" feature would not be needed if there were more options. Display unreconciled transactions, etc.

6. This is a super program and the price is right. Many thanks.
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Re: Budget Problems

Post by Nikolay »

Thank you for feedback.

only points 3 and 6 accepted.

in case when negative amount is not red mean that it less than planned.
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