v1.6.0 is released

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v1.6.0 is released

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https://github.com/moneymanagerex/money ... tag/v1.6.0

NOTE: Your database will be updated once you run this version. You will then not be able to open your database with earlier versions of the software or likely run Android versions with the same database. As ever, it is recommended to take a copy of your database prior to installing any new software version.

#3779 Adoption of wxBitmapBundle to support HighDPI display
#4122 Invalid calculation Stocks Gain/Loss
#4362 Online help pages
#4412 Management of assets
#4791 Odd Window positioning behaviour (MacOS)
#5091 Include Grand Total for Reconciled Column
#5106 Organize Budget actuals always reflect current year
#5108 Secondary 'Sort By' Column
#5109 Add ability to use RETURN key to bring up category selection on organize categories
#5122 v1.5.21 has calculation error in account view
#5137 Monthly Budget showing wrong "Actual" totals
#5145 Transaction Report - Custom field settings not recovered
#5147 Transaction Report - Saved custom field settings not used when run from navigation tree
#5158 New Category creation whilst in Split Transaction issue
#5170 Can not save Category_V1 / Subcategory_1
#5191 Crash on account creation due to blank image list
#5193 Transaction Report Date Range not saved
#5198 Asset transactions marked as transfer are not counted in asset value
#5205 Crash when cancelling the creation of a new database if App Start Dialog has been used
#5210 Transaction Filter Date Range is not updated to reflect the current setting of Period Range
#5218 New database wizard is too wide when application language is French

#910 Notes in split categories
#1158 Currency Manager window should be more ergonomic
#1390 Enable/disable payees
#2307 Notes on Budget lines
#3554 Account initial balance is not dated
#4099 Notes field for budget page
#4216 DB ver. 15
#4280 Add Payee Information Fields
#4545 Dark mode for help pages (MacOS/Linux only at present)
#4631 Regular Expressions in transaction filter notes
#4730 Block/Hide Categories
#4880 Use CircleCI for pipeline builds
#5100 Upgrade to wxWidgets 3.2.1
#5111 Asset widget on homepage should show list of assets
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